Regardless of what service our clients come to us for, they are all looking for integrity, the highest level of quality, problem-solving, and commitment to honor their vision and priorities. Since 2012, GRIT Co. has endured the struggles and trials necessary to galvanize so we can meet these needs.  

The people surely make this place, but the systems, processes, experience, and resources available here culminate to allow a special scenario for GRIT Co. clients. Many of our clients have discovered they can rely on us for more than the one service they tracked us down for.  

This model allows us to honor our clients’ vision and priorities across multiple disciplines and services, all served under one roof.

Check out the services org chart to see what all we can help you with here! 

experienced leadership.

Founder + CEO



Creative Director

Designer + PM


We focus on the client and identify how to make you more effective. You have a business to run. We know you need to be focused on your duties, not the services you’re requesting from us.

Will my designer understand my vision?  

Will my contractor understand the designs?  

Will my contractor talk to my designer?   

Will my design, brand, building, home, or millwork be authentic and effective?  

Will my project be done with the utmost quality?   

At GRIT Co., we understand these concerns, and we mitigate them by:   

By refining a skill lost to the world today, we’re able to honor our clients vision and priorities better. We’re here to listen.

We maximize services offered under one roof.

With this format, we have more control over the design and construction process in order to provide the best overall solutions.

By leading a team with multiple services, 

With Grit Co. as lead, communication is more effective because our clients’ have less points of contact to manage and therefore less lost detail.


We make effective communication thrive through energetic personal relationships and implementation of project management software.

Listening, multiplying, leading, and communicating are ineffective without proper attention to detail and records. 

Our focus is on high quality, high value designs, products, and projects.

Our centralized corporate management at GRIT Co. helps the folks doing the day-to-day keep the Client’s vision on point, and not worry about accounting, corporate requirements, marketing, and resource allocation. Each division handles their clients and their work every day. But, with everyone under one roof, collaboration is easy, sought after even.   

The magnitude of the vision and the detail presented at the end of the day is an experience in and of itself.

Seeing a vision become a brand, and then a website, some merchandise, then design further into an office or a restaurant, then build out, maybe even with some custom furnishings or touches from the millworks shop – all in one place, where the managers, craftsmen, and designers all collaborate – is a sight to behold. 

9 Spanish Pass, Bldg B,
Boerne, Texas 78006

Built. Different.

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