Brandi Hines, Project Manager + Designer

My life is deeply rooted in the Texas Hill Country. I was born here, grew up here, graduated from design school here and knew the Hill Country was the only place I ever wanted to live. I am lucky enough to have built and designed three of my own custom homes in the Hill Country and now I get to raise my family in one of them.   

My father is a 3rd generation carpenter, so it was only natural for me to enter an industry I had seen my whole life. I grew up working alongside my dad as he framed houses – I was stacking lumber, calling out cuts and hauling boxes of nails up ladders.  As he began crafting millwork, I was designing custom millwork and running his day-to-day operations from my drafting table in architecture school.  

I live a beautifully simple life and I find beauty in simple things. I believe design is merely an option and you’re entitled to love it or hate it. No one design is right or wrong, it’s an emotion — a feeling.   

Building and designing a home is an intimate process and can be overwhelming and emotional. I believe a good design comes from your story and each client’s story is different. I am often asked what my design style is and the simple answer is, I don’t have just one. Every moment has its own design style, and I get to bring those moments to life in your home, your office, and in your business. I work with our clients to create a true sense of themselves in their space, a one-of-a-kind experience that visitors instantly feel when they enter the space.   

I spent most of my early adult life looking for approval in the design community.  I never felt like I fit the mold of an “Interior Designer.” As a woman in a predominantly male field, I have faced a lot of adversities.  Although I started my design career at a young age, I have stayed true to myself. Through hard-work and dedication, I get to do what I truly love, everyday!

There is a quote by Charles Eames that I am always drawn to.  “The details are not the details, they make the design.” This quote reminds me that a home is not the big picture. A home is not the big rooms and the vaulted ceiling that echo your voice. A home is the feeling of the wooden floors under your feet, the curve of the banister on the palm of your hand.  A home is the flickering of the gas lanterns that line the doorway.  It is all of these details that make the design, and make a home, home.   

At GRIT Co. I’m thrilled to bring my story into all custom millworks and homes designs, and sometimes in the commercial industry too! Every day, every project is a new story, and that’s just the way I like it!

9 Spanish Pass, Bldg B,
Boerne, Texas 78006

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