and millwork.

Handmade furniture - Made Different.

and millwork.

Handmade furniture - Made Different.


March 13, 2023

I was newly married, baby on the way, one kid already upstairs in the converted attic. Many of us have been there, and it’s a common story (insert wavy dreamy flashback scene): 

Weary, pregnant wife and hoping-to-provide husband walk into big box furniture store for the Labor Day sale. Crib and changing table identified, will take six weeks to show up. Sale is nice, but we’re going to finance this turns-out-to-be-still-expensive set. But at least the salesman convinced us to get that master bed set we ‘needed’ too! Flash forward six months… still paying down the furniture at 14% interest and… what’s that ‘crack’ I just heard? Ah yes, the balsa wood manufacturing from Tibuktu just gave out.


Instead of driving in big city traffic to avoid car salesman mauling (sorry car salesman), more debt, and crummy manufacturing from some other country; take a nice stroll out to Boerne, Texas for epic custom furniture and millworks. Here at GRIT Co. Millworks, we provide person to person design of your piece. That means you get to pick every detail from the wood species to the tufting material and color. Did you want that custom farm table to sit slightly higher? (big and tall Texans, we get it) No problem. And, when the product is delivered and installed by the same craftsman who built it, you can trust the furniture delivery will go well.

The process is easy:

  1. Meet with our designer and discuss your needs
  2. Show us your furniture inspiration
  3. Share some requirements

And off we go! We will provide a design and budget for your piece quickly. After you authorize the fabrication, we will get to work, usually delivering our orders faster than… faster than a Chinaman can load a cargo box and a Californian can delay it in the harbor.

Check out this custom farm table fabricated to imitate a historic farm table. This piece was fabricated and delivered in three weeks from order.

Custom tables are kind of our thing! Maybe you-re looking for a custom dining table with a bit more modern flare. This modern farm table was designed, fabricated, and delivered to custom fit a historic remodel and AirBnB in Fredericksburg, Texas in less than 4 weeks!

Are you into live edge tables? Here’s a cool live edge desk completed in a couple weeks.

Custom home furniture pieces can make your normal spaces extraordinary. Is your space already extraordinary? Don’t let the big-box-store-blues bring it down. Make a statement piece out of already custom home furniture like this kitchen hutch or custom wood furniture like this coffee table.

How about custom office furniture? Tired of plastic-laminate covered delights that shake, rattle, and ugh? Have us craft you a custom desk out of steel and reclaimed long leaf pine!

Or this insane custom conference table.

Whatever you can dream up, GRIT Co. Millworks is ‘Made Different’ to design, fabricate, and deliver custom made furniture. Give us a call or come on by!

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